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Each puppy at departure time will have:
  • personal information recorded on a keepsake birth certificate including:  order of birth, time, date, birth weight, & day they opened their eyes.
  • health guarantee
  • vet checked
  • current vaccinations
  • de-wormed
  • health record & important reading materials
  • parent pedigrees & clearances
  • flash drive with puppy& parent pictures
  • 15 lb. bag of TLC Food
  • 30 day supply of Nuvet Plus Vitamins
  • Treated with Revolution (flea, tick, heartworm, earmite, & mange prevention)
  • Aptitude test results (performed at 7wks old)
  • AKC registration completed at time of pick up
  • microchip & lifetime microchip registration
  • behavioral basics (biting and rough play will be discouraged and positively redirected)
  • potty training basics (pups are not allowed outdoor play until they learn that outside time is potty time FIRST)

All of this requires a lot of time and effort on our part, but we beleive it is time well spent and appreciated

When Pups
are available

A non-refundable reservation fee of $250 is required to reserve a pup. 

Fee will be applied to the purchase price unless you change your mind.  Then you will be given the option to apply it to one of our future pups.

If you wish to reserve your place in line for a puppy now or be placed on our contact/waiting list, please submit our "getting to know you" form.  This is a simple way for us to get to know our future puppy families, and to help match you up with a pup that is a good fit for your family.
 (we will only take a personal check 
2-3 weeks prior to pick-up to allow payment to clear. Cash upon delivery/pick-up is preferred.)
The well being of our dogs is extremely important.  
Many things go into consideration before deciding to breed.  Our labs are our family pets & hunting companions.  They were all raised indoors & still spend much of their time indoors with us.  The rest of the time they take turns in our outdoor kennel and have the run of the backyard and pond daily.

What does this mean??
It means our puppies are born indoors and are responsibly handled from day one.  
They receive much love and attention from the moment they are born until the day they leave for their new homes.
 Our breeding program includes all shades of Black, Chocolate, & Yellow as follows:

Chocolate & Silver
Black & Charcoal
Yellow (ranging from white to red)
& Champagne

I am quite aware of all the "controversy" over the diluted shades of the Labradors. Most of the controversy is over where the diluted gene "came from".  whether it was introduced from irresponsible breeding, if it was a mutation, or if it was there all along and just NOT bred for.  I personally believe it was a combination of the later two reasons.  And regardless of where it came from; the gene has been in the breeding lines long enough that it would still be considered full blooded.  I have done hours and hours of research and my personal stance is (without getting too scientific):  I love ALL of the shades.  I agree there are only 3 colors of the Labrador: black, yellow, and chocolate.  HOWEVER, I also agree that there are many shades of each of those colors.  And based on scientific forms and genetic testing, and where the Labrador originated from, etc. etc.  I do NOT believe that they are a cross  breed or that "a dog jumped the fence" and made a silver lab. The genes have been there from the beginning.  Genetically it boils down to this:
A "silver lab" is a diluted chocolate
a "charcoal lab" is a diluted black
a "champagne lab" is a diluted yellow (diluted by the "d" gene)
and "white & fox red labs" are also different shades of yellow (which is based on a different gene than the "d" gene)  It all gets very complicated scientifically, but makes great sense.  If you have a strong opinion against the "diluted colors" than please just find another breeder.  I am striving to provide people with great quality, healthy, and sound pups.  I do NOT encourage or support "backyard breeding", and do support our local animal shelters.  I am not "in it for the money" or breeding "junk dogs" for a quick buck because they "look pretty".  I simply LOVE what I do, LOVE the Labrador breed as a whole,  and appreciate the different shades of colors. 

All of our Pups are priced at $1800
for Limited Registration
(spay/neuter contract must be signed)
Full registration to approved breeders only for additional fee

We breed ALL of the standard colors, AND some diluted shades.
There are many championship breeding lines in our new program
*After MUCH research and deliberation; we have decided it is in the pup's best interest to leave the dew claws intact. If you feel removal is absolutely necessary then it can be done at time of spay/neuter as this will no longer be part of our practice. Thank you.