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​Planned  Breeding & Upcoming Litters

Chloe & Chester
Expected Due Date:  July 11th, 2020
can produce black & a variety of yellow
(ultrasound confirms minimum of 7)

Wisdom & Muzzy
Expected Due Date:  July 19th, 2020
Can produce: Black, Chocolate, Charcoal, Silver,
 & yellow shades
(ultrasound confirms minimum of 7)

Hope & Tyson
Expected Due Date: July 21, 2020 
will produce an all fox red litter
(ultrasound confirms minimum of 5)

Honor & Kodi​
Expected Due Date: July 26, 2020
will produce a charcoal & silver litter
(ultrasound confirms minimum of 8)

Upcoming Breeding plans:
We are not planning any litters for 2021-2022

We have an excellent breeding program.
Due to the care/prep/handling/de-sensitizing/brain stimulating, puppy rearing protocols we use, each pup will be of excellent quality, well socialized, and very intelligent.

A waiting list is established for anyone who would like to welcome these precious gems home as we will only be holding back 2 pups each time for our service dog program.  
The rest will make great pets and/or hunting companions based on individual personalities. 
(more details to come on the opportunity of obtaining a service dog 
if this is a need for you or someone you know)

Current Waiting/Reserved List
(we reserve the right to first pick of any of our litters.  placing a reservation on a future planned breeding will "officially" reserve your place in the picking order according to when deposits are received)

​Our goal is to help you find, and match you up with the perfect puppy who will FIT in your family
We allow/encourage "picks" as much as possible (especially when we have a large litter of 1-2 colors).  However,  if  we have 2 people wanting a yellow male pup.  Only have 2 yellow males available. one has tiny children and wants a family dog. . one wants a driven hunting companion. . We will "match up" the right puppy to the right lifestyle based on personality & character traits.  This helps to ensure that the puppy will fulfill the desires of the family/individual and hopefully enjoy a long happy life with one another.

Fully committed customers on this list will have first choice at any "available picks" listed above, in order of deposit​


wait-listed for "unexpected life situations"
​(no one at this time)

potential customers listed below who have requested to be on our "contact list" for upcoming litters but have NOT committed with a deposit. placing a deposit places you above anyone listed below and secures your place in line.

Quezada - chocolate or white Male  (pending)
M. Caruso ~BLK, Char, YLW, Red  Male or Female
A&A Severson ~ YLW, Red, Champ, Char, BLK Female

Clark's Loyal Labradors
All of our Pups are priced at $1,800 (at 8wks old)
for Limited Registration 
 (spay/neuter contract must be signed)
Full registration to approved breeders only.
see our "About Us" page for more info.
We breed all of the Standard colors AND some diluted shades.
There are many championship breeding lines in our program
More updates & Photos on our facebook page:
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Black Female: C. Kingrey
Chocolate Male:  K. Storch 
Black Male or Female:  T. Gummerson & C. Alimind 
Black Female: S. Stone 
Charcoal or Silver Female carrying chocolate: A. Eubank 
Yellow (or black) Male:  M. Pollard
Fox Red Male (or silver or yellow): A. Johnson 
Lt. Cream/white/yellow M or F:  A&M Morse 
Fox Red or Black Female:  T. Fetami & A. Crosta 
Fox Red Male or Female:  J&T Lonnemann 
Lt. cream/White Female:  K. Allour 
BLK/YLW/WHT Female:  A. Paquette
Yellow or Champagne Female: P. Sheffer
choc/silver/ylw Female:  J. Weldon
Wht/Yellow Male:  T. Hao
any shade female (hope for white/cream):  D. Carter
Red/Char/Slvr Male:  C. Cole
Black Female (open to other colors):  R. Melching
Red/Char/Blk  male or female (2 pups):  E. Turcotte pending
​Silver Female:  S & T Chauncey pending
Black, Choc, or Charcoal Male:  S. Pawar pending​