Clark's Loyal Labradors
"I got your back"
"Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5
located in Antwerp, OH
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So glad you found us!  
Our Back Story: After experiencing a total loss house fire in March 2013, and losing all of our precious girls, we are finally breeding again!  Take a moment to meet our crew!  All of our girls have full Labrador panel of DNA clearances.  Our crew has been selectively chosen for our breeding program.  Some including champion and Grand Champion bloodlines as well.

Update: As the years are passing, we will be drastically slowing down with breeding as we are beginning to focus on specialized training instead. (medical alert, ptsd, task oriented training, & therapy dogs as well) You will notice many of our girls are about to be retired from breeding, but we plan to continue breeding 1-2 litters per year for now. We should have good availability through summer of 2019.  fOur future litters will be few and further between, but WELL worth the wait! please let us know if you are considering adding one of our pups to your family, as we plan to hold back only 2 pups at a time for our training programs
See our girls below! 
Clark's Risen Phoenix
Was a phenomenal mother, and has definitely earned her place in retirement.  She LOVES to retrieve & swim, I would love to find her a family who would spoil her for the rest of her days. A place where she could be the ONLY beloved dog.  She is an "alpha" within the dog pack.  She is great with children and loves people.  Her signature move is to roll onto her back to beg for attention when you walk into the room.  She will remain with us unless the perfect family comes along for her.  

is very well rounded and just all around perfect!  She is laidback and loves to do everything labs were bred to do.  If she has a flaw, its that she can be "too lazy" and LOVES to give powerful hugs.
Clark's Graceful White Rose
genotype: BB ee DD

Clear/Non Carrier
CH, CNM, EIC, DM, CY, PKD, HUU, & Mytotubular Myopathy X Linked,
 Skeletal Dysplasia 2, Retinal Dysplasia/OSD, HNPK, Elliptocyosis 
carrier: PRA~PRC

test results & certs. soon to come for the following:
Hips & Elbows

Several champions in her extended pedigree
is a beautiful specimen of the breed.  Very well rounded and compact.  She has a strong drive to retrieve and loves to do so.  She is a great girl, and she loves the snow!?
Our precious little girl.
Lost at such a young age!

She is the reason we have decided to feed TLC dog food.  Her unexpected death is linked to a bad food source.​
In a matter of 2.5 days she went from "no syptoms/healthy to GONE" (and was at the vet within 30 minutes of her first symptom)

We researched and researched and now feel TLC to be worthy of our precious girls & our pups. 
 (more info on our contact page)
March 2015
is a gorgeous dark chocolate color.  She is enjoying her time training in obedience, tracking, & retrieving. She comes from hunt titled parents. We plan to have 1-2 litters with her eventually
and living with our son
Clark's Joyful Song of Faith
aka Joyful

R.I.P. Girls
July 2017

Please be aware of the dangers of Blue-Green Algae.  It's presence is not always easy to detect
Clark's Soaring Bravery of the Risen       Phoenix
aka Avery
Honor & Wisdom
Clark's Honoring Heart of Honesty
Clark's Pursuit of Wisdom & Armor
These little beauties are full sisters. Both intelligent, with different personalities. They come from hunt titled parents.  Clear by parentage for DNA health clearance panels, but of course, we will be completing our own testings as well before they are bred.  Until then they are being showered with lots of love!  Enjoying their youth and trying to get as much training in as possible 
Clark's Journey of Hope
genotype: bb ee dd

Clear/Non Carrier
CH, CNM, EIC, DM, CY, PKD, HUU, & Mytotubular Myopathy X Linked, Skeletal Dysplasia 2, Retinal Dysplasia/OSD, HNPK, Elliptocyosis 
scheduled to be spayed soon 
almost RETIRED
and staying with us
(might consider one last litter?)
RETIRED from breeding
although she did a great job, with her 1 and only litter, we felt lead to let her enter into service dog training for a veteran.  She soared through the program and is 
already working as a service dog.
More details at a later date
Clark's Pursuit of Wisdom & Armor
genotype: bb E_ Dd

Clear by parentage/Non Carrier
CH, CNM, EIC, DM, CY, PKD, HUU, & Mytotubular Myopathy X Linked,
 Skeletal Dysplasia 2, Retinal Dysplasia/OSD, HNPK, Elliptocyosis, PRC~PRA
is a smller, 45-50lb female; full of life.  She takes after her mother Hope.  A driven retriever with a supportive/eager to please personality. Doesn't know a stranger.
*she is a champagne, fox red female carrying chocolate
Currently staying with us, although she may go live with some good friends of ours soon?
In Loving Memory. . .
of all our girls lost in the fire, their beloved puppies, & the girls listed below