"I got your back"
Everyone is "anxious to bring home their tiny bundle of furry cuteness" at 8 wks old.  We strive to teach them there is a "separate place" to potty from a very young age (around 3wks).  Most of our puppies transition into the home and pottty training very easily, HOWEVER.. . That first 1-2wks they are in their new home is VERY important.  At 8 wks old a puppy has very limited control of it's bladder.  The longest they should be left in a crate while at work is 4hrs  (and that's tough for some pups).  If they are left alone longer, expect accidents & bad habits to develop.  It is best if a member of the family is able to let the pup out to potty during a lunch break, or simply arrange for a neighbor to puppy sit during the first 2-3wks.

If this is not possible for your family; you may want to consider a "started pup". 
-receive your puppy at 12wks old= $2,200 ($100 for each additional week)

They will have additional socialization skills, and begin learning individual crate training, basic commands, and most importantly for some families, POTTY TRAINING!  During this learning process, only positive and encouraging techniques will be used.  The pup will continue to gain control over it's bladder with each passing day.  This may be just the answer you are looking for.

What can you expect from a 12 wk old puppy?
​   Each pup may vary based on personality, but 
   you can assume your pup will be very familiar
   with all of the listed items below.  A pup of this 
   age will need continued training to "lock in" all
   they have learned to this point.
    -sit and wait before eating each meal
    -Commands: sit, off, outside, potty, out (of a room), 
        kennel up, loose leash training
    -The pup will be potty trained using our "doggy door"
        as well as getting them familiar with "the bells",
        crate trained during the night & a few hours 
        throughout the week (depending on current schedule.  
        But breeder only works outside of the home
       2 days a week)
Prefer to start off with a puppy who is a little older?
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What can you expect from a  pup 12-16 wk old?
​   A pup of this age will continue to learn to respond
   promptly & reliably to all of the previously listed 
    -be able to control their bladder for longer periods 
     of time, allowing for new owner to leave pup while 
     at work.
   -expect little to NO potty accidents 
    (once they have had 1-2 days to settle into their new 
    home and learn "your rules")

*Please also take note that during this "additional time" the
breeder not only has much more time invested into this 
puppy, but also endures the additional "care costs". 
(food, vaccines, flea/heartworm prevention, etc)
In my opinion. . .  the "worst" parts about a "started puppy" is. . .
    #1    Not being able to "choose the name".  (we try very hard not to name, or even "nick name" puppies.  We wait             until the new owner chooses the name, and THEN begin using that name for the pup.  Once the pups begin             extensive training, it is NECESSARY to give them a name if they do not already have one.  With a "pack of             dogs" in our home, we teach them commands by first calling them by name.  It is "possible" to switch their             names when they go to a new home, but can be confusing for the puppy.  Best to keep their name the same             OR choose something that rhymes with their current name.)

    #2    Less time smelling the adorable "puppy breath"!
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"Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5
Clark's Loyal Labradors
located in Antwerp, OH
We do accept reservations for 1-2 started pups for our upcoming litters.
(all the benefits of a "started pup" AND you get to choose the name.  If you select this $400 option, your pup will just have a later "go home" date)

There are no available "started pups" at this time. . .